Eliza von Poppins presents...A Practically Perfect Guide to Living

A "What Would Julie Do?" solo show by Rosie Williamson

Do you want to solve your problems and become practically perfect in every way?

Whenever you’re in a stew, just ask…

What would Julie Andrews do?

Eliza von Poppins guides you to practical perfection in an interactive, show tune fuelled life-coaching session. The seven steps to becoming who you want to be are as simple as “Do-Re-Mi” until Eliza’s pesky parrot umbrella starts causing havoc. Is Ms. von Poppins really who she says she is? And…how do you solve a problem like self-loathing?

The debut solo show from the creator of the critically acclaimed, sell-out “What Would Julie Do?” cabarets:

“An engaging and uplifting show with some beautiful musical and comedic moments. Any musical theatre fan will be charmed to spend an evening in the company of Eliza Von Poppins.”

A Younger Theatre

“Watching this show felt like watching my own doubts, thoughts and fears play out on stage, accompanied by a mutual love for musicals and theatre.” 

Voice Magazine

Performance dates:

Catalyst Festival: Mountview (Produced by Leigh Spence): 10-13 July 2019

Backstage Theatre, Mountview, 120 Peckham Hill Street, SE15 5JT

Wednesday 10th July, 8.30pm

Saturday 13th July, 12.30pm

Book your tickets here: https://www.mountview.org.uk/whats-on/show/catalyst-festival-eliza-van-poppins-presents-a-practically-perfect-guide-to-living/

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